After sitting and thinking things over for a few days, as well as asking advice from others and reading over the specs(over and over again) i have come to a decision. It was a tough choice as bot boats had things about them that i liked and wanted. While i was describing the choice to some friends of mine i likened it to choosing between the more refined, higher maintenance brunette and the well traveled, surfy blond. The The Cabo with her teak inside and coastal cruising set up was the brunette and the Downeaster, with her offshore set up and the many stories and miles she has was the blond. A hard choice at the best of times. Be lying if i said i didn't have a thing for blondes though : )

I have put an offer in on Kuhela and am currently in negotiations with the owner to settle on price and conditions. It looks like the work that she needs doing will take a little bit longer than i though, but may actually turn out to be really good, as it gives me time on board working with Phil, the owner, to learn more about her. He is going to take care of re-painting the bottom while i will take on re-painting the non skid on the decks. Thinking of the work that need to be done, this will mean i wont take full ownership till the 1st of march, but will have access over feburary to start getting some of the other things i want on board in order. This is all subject to a survey and sea trial that will hopefully happen next week sometime or before the end of the month.

I called Al, owner of the Cabo, yesterday to let him know where things were at. He's been really good in spending time and passing on information and someone is going to end up with a great boat when he lists it. He would be a good person to buy a boat off of.

So now i am waiting for the meeting with the owner and the broker, and then its survey, sea trial and the work starts.

This has been a big step in the story and I'm still working through all the things involved. Sometimes it does feel a bit overwhelming really and i start to wonder how I'm going to pull this whole thing off. I am learning a lot though, about the boat buying process and more importantly, myself. Being here on my own and having no one on hand to talk things through and bounce ideas off of is hard sometimes, but its also helping me to trust in myself and my decisions. I've also been learning that when things seem a bit overwhelming and full on, its mostly in my head and if I just deal with whats happening at that moment i can let go of a lot of the stress that's going on upstairs in my head.

good news as well, I got a couple surfs in. not the usual surfs, but went to the flowrider one day and had a session out there, so much fun. pretty much just busted my ass for an hour, but had some great laughs doing it and started to get the hang of it at the end. I'm also couchsurfing, signed up on the website and am currently crashing at another Josh's house. Pretty cool crew and been really good to hang out with. St. Pete is a pretty cool little town too with music and art everywhere. Think its going to be a cool spot to hang while i get things sorted to head off.

Stay tuned for the results of how it all plays out and the latest adventures.

P.S. the above comparison of blondes and brunettes does not represent everyone but is rather a comparison of these two specific ladies. I absolutely admit that brunettes can have great travel stories and surf and the blondes can be high maintenance and  refined. ; )

P.P.S. the above disclaimer is in no way confined to Emily Moutet or Kelly Patience but rather to all blondes and brunettes out there.


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Trust and inspiration

Is this the right time…? Is this the right thing to do…? Are you sure…? These are questions I have been asked and ones I have asked myself, repeatedly.

The truthful answer to all of these is, I don’t know, not for certain.


I guess this is normal, something that many other people have faced and dealt with in their own personal decision and battles. The decision to follow what I started dreaming of so many years ago was not as easy as one may think. Buying a yacht and sailing around, what’s there to think of really? There was however a bit more to it than that, for me anyway.


What I’m trying to get across and would like to show and share with this trip is something I am realizing myself. You are never fully ready. There will be things, big and little, that will not be perfectly timed, or have gone exactly to plan. If you wait till these are all in place, you will do exactly that, wait. Sometimes you have to take that step, or leap rather, into the unknown. To have the faith and trust that if you give it your all, it will work out. Maybe not exactly as to the pictures and scenes you have envisioned in you head, quite often not, but you will learn and grow along the way, and your plans along with you.


I would like this trip to inspire those I know and meet to follow the dreams that have long lay dormant, pushed aside or regarded as a childish flight of fancy. To maybe in some way ignite that little spark that can, with a little bit of creativity, become a significant event in someone’s life. That’s a big wish for the trip, I know, but just maybe, it can.