The Process so far

Well things continue to move along, sometimes not at the speed that i would like but things are happening. I am learning a lot about patience, about enjoying the process and about myself. I am pretty content with my decision and do believe i have found the right yacht for me. We are still waiting for the survey, as the close of the deal is conditional on this, i have met with the owner and the broker to decide who will be doing what and have agreed on a price that everyone is happy with. Its pretty important to me that Phil, the owner, is happy with this sale. He has sailed this yacht for twenty five years and has invested a lot of himself in her, It is important that he is happy and will give the rest of Kuhela's travels his blessing.

The hold up with the survey is that the bow thruster had some troubles and has had to be sent off to get serviced. Where the boat is at the moment we need the bow thruster to maneuver out of the pen. The bow thruster is a small propeller in the bow that helps push the bow around. Yachts with a full keel, such as Kuhela, are not very maneuverable in reverse and this helps a lot. This means that we wont be able to get the survey done till I get back from the Bahamas on the 9th of Feb, A bit later than i would have liked to get this done. It is what it is though.

Phil has stated that  he will work with me to get me set up and hopefully we will be able to use the time before i leave to get the decks prepped for painting (which i am doing as part of the deal) and to start going through all the systems on board to get me up to speed. With being able to work and spend time with Phil on board it will be a huge advantage to learning about the many different systems on board and building up my confidence.

So as it stands I should have the deal closed by the middle of February and hopefully be living on board soon after. I am currently in Orlando and  will be heading back to St.Pete tomorrow to start catching up with Phil and learning about my new yacht, and home, Kuhela.

Here are some more pics. [gallery link="file" ids="616,614,615,617,618,619,620,621,622,623,624,625,626,627,628"]