The Family Tree

A big part of this trip for me is the people i will meet along the way, and so it was pretty cool when i got to meet some new people that were also family.  I went to visit my Dad's cousin in Orlando as I was in the area and they have been following my blog and contacted me through there. When i first pulled up outside their house i wasn't sure it was the right place, but as soon as she opened the door I knew it was, seeing your family resemblance in someone you've never met is pretty cool. I was treated to an awesome dinner of roti, and even sorrel, and after we ate, got a chance to sit down to chat and to get shown a whole side of the family I have never met. It is truly amazing when you think of all the stories that bring us to where we are today, and how over the years families have spread out over the world. These many different stories that branch off and run parallel to yours, the twists and turns as these branches make their way through time and the times when we are  lucky enough for our branches to cross paths and have that connection. Was great to get a chance to meet up with Dianne and Anthony and will hopefully catch up with them again before i go.

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