Sailed and Sandaled

What an awesome weekend. Couldn’t have wished for any better way to be sent off for this trip. Catching up with friends and family, sharing laughs, good vibes, good food, and topping it all off with a surf.  What more could you want.  

I am so grateful for dad and mom for doing this for me; they went all out and make it such a memorable day. To have the family around and supporting me and sharing time together is the greatest feeling. They are the core of this whole endeavor. It means the

world to me.


The gifts, words and well wishes I received were amazing.  To hear how this trip was in some small way inspiring the people around me was truly humbling. This whole thing, who I am, what I want to achieve in life is a culmination of all those around me, those who have inspired, supported, shared a laugh or helped me along the way, sometimes in ways you may not have even realized.  To share this and have a chat to very special people in my life, in person and on the phone, was awesome. I wish everyone the best in their journeys though this life. We get one time around. Dream big, live life and enjoy

this moment right here and right now.


Thanks so much to everyone for coming along and for the messages from those that couldn’t make it. Was an awesome day and the best way I could think of to start my trip.


My thoughts and prayers go out to dad and the family as well, Life is short and who knows what will happen. Uncle Keith you will be missed. Thank you for all the love and support you showed me over the years.

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