Power From Brother Sun, Toys For Mother Ocean

  Well life has been pretty busy here aboard Kuhela, been trying to get all the big jobs on the list crossed off, while the days just seem to fall off the calendar with my expected departure date one page closer every time I look up.  Got a few presents today for myself and for Kuhela. Today was a big expense day, good fun, till you do the accounts.


Got my solar panels mounted and in place, took a bit of back and forth to get all the parts I need for mounting and hooking them up and I am still waiting on parts so I can hook them up to the batteries as I need bigger penetrators to get the fittings through the deck and to the controller. Found these fitting made by NOAA and the guy I bought my panels off of happened to be the distributor as well, so that was handy. The Way there set up is that they hinged off the rail and supported by adjustable legs. This give me that advantage of being able to pivot the panels to get the best angle to the sun, and hence the most energy. I was amazed at how much effect even slight shadowing of the panel could have on output; you really need to have a clear access to the sun to get the most out of your panels. These also have the advantage that when I fold them down I can slide them up as well, giving me access to my cleats and tie off point on my railing and getting them up and out of the way. The panels are rated at 90 W each and although I don’t think they will run everything I've got on board, they will definitely help consolidate my power.


I have also been thinking of what the best tender, for what I want to do and for the space I have, would be. Everything on here is a compromise, how, big, how much weight, where to store the outboard, you win in one area and loose in another. I decided on the new AB, 9Ft inflatable RIB that has a aluminum bottom and weighs in at just 75 Lb., 34KG, as this would mean I could get it up on deck by myself relatively easily and is big enough to take out and go diving or surfing. I will have to modify the existing chocks on deck to fit but got her on board this afternoon and she looks good. Had the insanely stupid though on the way home today that this was my last big expense, ha-ha yeah right. Still have to get an outboard, and then everything else I haven’t even begun to think about yet. Y advice to anyone looking to buy a boat is to never even consider going close to your budget on the purchase price, money sails out of my wallet much faster than Kuhela and I can sail on water.


Well wouldn’t really be fair to get a new tender to go surfing without a new board to go with it, now would it. Stopped in at sun coast surf shop to catch up with, Prescott, a mate that works there, and got myself something I've been wanting for a while. Can’t wait to get this new board in the water. If I was hanging for a surf before, now practically foaming at the mouth.


I have also done up a little video tour on board to give everyone a better idea of what she’s like, I’ll post it on the Facebook page, so have a look when you get a chance.

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