And then there were two

Got the bus up from Marathon up to Miami and rented a car and headed up the west coast of Florida to have a look at what’s on offer over here.  Got up to St. Petersberg and spent a couple days checking out different yachts for sale up here. Saw some good ones and some ones that definitely didn’t fit the bill. Looked at about eight different boats and knew I had to do some serious thinking, and that was before I got to the last one.


Gary, the broker, warned me that the owner was on board and was in the middle of doing some work so she wasn’t in the best show room condition, but he assured me that if you look past that she was well worth a look. Wasn’t too sure what to think when we got there but when we came around the corner and I could see her peeking out from behind the boat next door I knew she was something.


Her name is a Kuhela, which means to rise up and move forward like the swells of the ocean, or to be one with the ocean. She’s a Downeaster 38 and although a bit older her owner has taken amazing care of her. He has sailed he for the last twenty-five years, to everywhere from the Mediterranean through to Russia and a few spots in between. It was great getting a chance to meet him and from looking at the quality of the work he’s doing, and has done, he keeps her in amazing shape.  She’s a solid cruising boat and is set up to head offshore.

Was great to have a chance to sit down with Phil, the owner, to have a chat and have him run me through the different systems on board. He is willing to go through the boat with me to hand everything over to bring me up to speed if I decide to go ahead.


So the decision is now down to two, the Cabo Rico or the Downeaster. I have organized to have a second look at both of them as they both deserve it. I am currently in Orlando catching up with my cousins here and will make the drive down to Ft.Lauderdale on Saturday to check out the Cabo Rico, before heading back up to St. Petersberg for another look at Kuhela.


So that means there will pretty much be decision by next week sometime.

Stay tuned.

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