All we gotta do is...

Well the plan was to pull the boat out of the water, paint the hull and do some other minor work and then I could move aboard. Now I'm not sure why exactly we thought that this would be any different to any other time where you start to do something on a boat and it goes from all we got to do is… to damn, looks like were going to have to… Throw into the mix a boat yard that has the speed and efficiency of six Trinidadian government workers on a public holiday and watch the work list get ticked off at about the same speed as an Amish drag race.  

So with this in mind, here is the latest update. The boat is still out of the water and while it was there I decided to change out the cutlass bearing (this is the round tube that the prop shaft goes through as it comes out of the hull). To do this you normally get a pipe wrench and screw out the old one and tap in a new one, easy. Unless you can’t get the old one out, then you get to pull the whole engine out of the boat so you can pull the prop shaft forward so you can cut and remove the old bearing. So we have puled the engine out and set it down in the galley while we get that done. It wasn’t as bad as it looks, came out pretty easy and was good experience anyways and also enabled me to do a few things on the engine while I had this great access to it. Bit of a tighter squeeze when it’s in place.


There have been a few issues down at the yard with their idea of work quality and mine. One of the things they did was somehow get it in their head that there were set screws holding the old bearing in place and decided to drill for them, I came down to the boat to find two ¾ inch holes drilled into the hull and patched up in a way that a two year old would stick play doe up his nose, messy and not looking too good. Starting to get the impression there not too happy to see me when I get down there but I can assure you no body wants to get her back in the water more than me. I've been trying to play the game as they still have the upper hand with the boat in the yard, but not letting them get away with taking the piss too much.


All the paperwork has now been signed and the money has been transferred. I should get the closing documents by Monday and hopefully be moving on board then. I have found a really nice marina down the road a bit from where I've been staying and have the berth reserved and paid for, just got to get the boat there.


This will be the last post until I move aboard (hopefully) I've got most of my stuff on there now, not that there was much of that, but the next big thing for me will be the first night I spend on board. That is something I am very much looking forward to.


Other than these small dramas though life is good. I am sure its not the last time things will take longer than planned. I'm learning lots and continuing working on that patience thing.

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