Florida Keys

After a few long flights and a few hours drive I'm down in the keys. Been really good catching up with family and exploring somewhere new. Still adjusting to the 101 things that are different between here and Australia.  Always takes a while to get accustomed to the over sized cars and different shops and ways of doing things. Had a few good laughs and a few moments of scratching my head trying to figure things out.  

Spent the last week catching up with family and having a look at the yachts that are down this way. Seems to be more sports fishing boats than sail down here but have seen a few. Got a chance to have a look at an Island Packet 35 and 40 for the first time, so really stoked about that. Lots of room on both boats, obviously more on the 38 though, both really beautiful boats with a solid feel and good fit out.  If it could pick up either within the budget I would seriously consider them.

Have also come across a few others for sale that look OK, a Tayana 37 down in key west looks like it could be worth some more research. Been god being down here but looking forward to getting up tot Ft. Lauderdale where there should be more to look at.


Been talking to the crew that are into spearing down here but haven’t had a chance to get out yet. Seem like really good crew though.  The keys are amazing, so may different little islands and a lot of natural beauty, lots of people though. Hopefully get a chance to get out and go diving soon, that the main thing that’s keeping me down here now. Trying to balance the desire to get on the road and looking at more boats with the want to go spearing. Probably head up to Ft. Lauderdale in the next few days either way.

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