Back in the water and goodbye Byron Bay

Saying goodbye is never easy, its something I've had to do a few times before and comes with traveling and is part of the deal. I’ve spent the last week here in Byron bay saying goodbye to the friends I’ve met along the way and sorting out the million and one things on the list to get things finished up. Byron is one of the few places I've felt at home, over the last two years I've met some amazingly talented, inspirational and beautiful people and I'm sure its somewhere I will come back to one day. I've been told that in aboriginal culture Byron is a women’s place, a place to come for rest and restoration, but not somewhere to stay. I think I'm rested and restored enough to move on to other adventures, other places, but ill be back.

I think I was able to catch up with mostly everyone before I left (apologies to anyone I missed) and had an amazing week of living it up, great friends, beautiful weather and even got back in the water for a small surf with some great mates this morning, thanks Jerome, Sarah, and Inca (and the little one on the way). To those who spend time in the water I need explain no more than that, to those that don’t, getting in the water again after time out for recovery from my operation is like being washed clean again, like having all the dirt, worries, aches and pains swept away and the feeling of standing on a wave again is in itself a type of alchemy. Salt water medicine.

One of the surest ways I know to show me when I'm on the right path is when little things line up and come together, little coincidences that hint at heading the right way (this is something that I will probably refer to again often). There’s been a few this week, and hopefully will be blessed with this some more as I go along.

Thanks to all I've met and to all for the great times. All the best and may we share another laugh or two in the future.