Tartan 37

I was contacted by John Neal recently, who is working with me to find the right yacht, about another possible option. I had not really looked into the Tartans previously but, on looking into this one and doing a bit of research, they have a good reputation and this looks like it could be worth looking into. The current owners seem like interesting people and into some pretty amazing stuff, base jumping and sky diving, and spend alot of times outdoors and living life to the full. Think that t is important to get a good idea of the previous owners as it gives an idea into what level of care has been put into the boat. These guys seem like they are good crew.

Good to have another option and will just have to wait and see how it plays out. Not long to go before i get on the road and give this a go. StellaBlueDescription0812-1

Cant wait, the search continues.


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