My New Home

It is official. I have all the signed paper work, Phil and I have shaken hands, the money has gone through and I have moved in.  

Tonight is my first night on board my new home, I am alone but not lonely, it’s like getting to know someone. Spending time learning little bits almost subconsciously, getting used to the motion, to where to put your hands, where to step, what she likes. It feels good. I feel comfortable on board. It’s slowly sinking in. This is why I am here, I have found my yacht, and I have accomplished part of something I have dreamed of since childhood


I am so grateful, to everyone that has played a part in my story till now, to those that help in ways that are big and also small, to Phil and Mary and to Kuhela for allowing me to join on their journey and make it part of mine, to my family and to those I love and have made me who I am today. This whole play of life and this moment is all thanks to so many people.


I flew back in from Ft. Lauderdale by the time I made it to the marina Kuhela was all ready back in the water and rearing to go. We did a short trial on the engine to make sure everything was hooked back up and she was running well, and soon after we were on our way. A short trip over to the marina and then it was time to bring her into the pen for the first time. Always takes a bit of time learning any vessel, how they move, how quick they stop, how they turn. The great thing about Kuhela is that she has a bow thruster. This makes I so easy, as I can push the bow off to either side I wish as there is a small prop located in a tube within the bow. Even with this though I still managed to bump up against one of the piles that make up the pen. She’s a solid cruising yacht and takes a bit longer than I thought to stop. Another lesson learnt and no damage other than to my pride. Got it in without too much hassle though.


Phil and Mary came by and spent some time taking their things down off the walls and packing things away in boxes so that I could make the space mine and put my things away. She looks different without their things on the wall, somehow looks slightly smaller inside. I guess all those stories and travels on the walls created their own space somehow. I think the challenge for me is to add to their stories and have my own collection up there that compliments theirs. We can then compare pictures somewhere down the track share the stories.


Cooked up a great meal of fresh tuna and salad and sat outside and took it all in. Up above the full moon peeked out from behind clouds like a curious child, before running off to hide behind the next passing, white hiding spot. Kuhela rocked gently as the wind whispered past letting secrets, barely audible, slip as it went on its way. Being in a marina is not the same as being out and anchored somewhere remote, but sitting in the cockpit taking it all in and thinking of the journey ahead it was the first taste of hopefully many experiences like that.


After I went to bed the wind decided that it was no longer interested in keeping secrets and started to raise her voice and howl a bit. It wasn’t a storm by any means, just a small front passing through, but I woke a few times as I familiarized myself with the creaks and groans of Kuhela as she argued with the ropes who were working to keep her at bay. I checked on these at around two and after a few small adjustments returned to bed to resume my dreaming of where we would sail to together.