Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Update

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all the Family and friends out there. I hope this year is the start of an awesome year for you all and you follow your hearts and your dreams to where they may lead you.


Well it’s been a couple weeks since I got here and I think I’ve settled in and am finding my way around now. Took a bit to get used to and it hasn’t really been what I was expecting so far, but that’s all part of it. The yachts have been a bit more spread out that I thought and it’s taken a bit to figure out where to go and the best way to go about things, but that’s all part of the journey.


I spent a week or so up in Ft. Lauderdale looking around up there, and did a lot of walking. If your looking for yachts up there either buy some good shoes or rent a car. Lots of ground to cover. I had been trying to stay away from using a broker and did get a good contact just by asking around, more on that later. I did end up using a few brokers and was able to have a look at a couple different designs and have been able to narrow the search down a bit. I had a look at a tartan and have pretty much ruled that out as it’s a too small for what I want, I’ve looked at the Island packet 35 and 38 and there both good cruising boats, but the lack something, I want to say character, but I'm not sure that’s the right word. There still on the list though.


Then there’s the Cabo Rico 38, which was on the wish list and happens to be the one I got a contact for by chance. I met with the owner and spent a few hours going though her with him. He’s owned her from new and has lived and cruised on boat for the last sixteen years, he knows her back to front and seems to take great care of her. Whether on not this boat is the one or not, he’s the kind of person I would like to buy a yacht from. The only thing with these is that they only have one cabin and a quarter berth, which is another bed but without a separate cabin with a door. Would be good to have a private, separate space for people when they came to visit but could be worked around. Another good thing with this yacht is that it is straight from the owner, so no broker, who normally takes ten percent, so leaves a bit more flexibility with price as well. I have to check out some other designs up the west coast next week and then will make a decision in the next few weeks I guess. If I don’t see anything else I will make an offer in on the Cabo Rico. Scary but exciting.  the picture attached is her. Tell me what you think.


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