Some Plans for the Trip

I've been thinking about some different plans for the trip and how to tie in the things that i want to do with the plans in mind.One of the things I've been wanting to do is to use the trip to do some good, to promote different social or environmental programs or to participate in volunteer work myself.

I've been so blessed in my life and have had so many good things and good people come my way that I would like to pass some of that on, it's an area I kinda feel I've been lacking in. So these are some ideas I've got to incorporate some of this into the trip.

I am planning to set up a page on here showcasing different programs and initiatives that are making a difference to peoples and communities and through this hope to give support, spread the word and share some good news. There are people out there doing great things, large and small, and I'm all for getting some good news out there and helping in any way I can.

Another idea I have is going to be a portrait based project where I ask people I meet five questions that give a bit of insight into their lives and personalities. There are six billion different realities out there and we are all the star of our own feature show. Hopefully through this I can mix my photography with sharing a bit about myself and others and giving an insight into the common shared dreams, hopes and joys of the people I meet.

Would be great to hear from anyone out there who has a suggestion for people to meet or programs to feature along the way or even different ideas or comments on these plans.

Stay tuned.