Time off well spent

Spent a bit of my time off this trip exploring the awesome country that extends in all directions from where live. I wanted to check out a few national parks and do some walks to spend some time out in the bush. Did the early morning walk up to Mt.Warning for the sunrise. Joe came along for that one and we made great time getting to the top well before sunrise. Started out on the trail by 0330 and were up on top by 0440, felt good and the temperature was pleasant. Was great sitting up there watching the sun come up, amazing way to start the day.

Also went out to Mt.Barney national park for a few days by myself and did a few treks out there. Felt good to have some time away to myself and climbed Mt. May and did the upper portals. Mt.May is one of the shorter walks and gives good views to MT. Barney, which i hope to climb one day. As was getting ready i put my pack on the back seat and bent down to tie my shoes when a gust of wind blew the door shut, locking me out. All i could do was laugh. Luckily my tool kit was open and ended up breaking the quarter window to get in.

The portals are a few large cauldrons shaped in the impressive granite rocks by the water running through it, and flow into a large swimming hole before heading off down stream. The water was absolutely freezing, I'm guessing around 12° but with no one else around and the sun beaming over head i stripped off and jumped in. Felt like 1000 needles on my skin and certainly woke me up, felt amazing. Lay on the rocks for a while after warming up and enjoying the beauty around me.

There is some much good country out here between the border of NSW and QLD, will definitely have to come back to do some more exploring.